By simply putting on a vest to place back pads, patients appreciate the RS-FBG. It makes back treatments simpler and, in some cases, actually determines whether a patient will be able to take a treatment. As a result, compliance with the prescription is improved. The RS-FBG complements all RS Medical electrical stimulators. It accommodates four channels and up to eight pads , so multiple sites can be treated - upper back, middle back, and full back. Pads are reusable and can be removed for replacement or vest laundering.

Because people come in diverse shapes and sizes, the RS-FBG's design is ultra adaptable. The vest-like garment is made with sturdy, washable stretch fabric, and incorporates side panels and zippers to create a close form-fit regardless of patient body size and shape. Fits waist sizes 19 to 54 inches, collar sizes 13 to 21 inches. Prescriptions for the RS-FBG include an individual fitting, condition-specific arrangement of pads, and complete instructions for use.


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The unique RS-FBGTM Full Back Garment is an adjustable, vest-like garment that allows electrotherapy patients to position stimulator pads on difficult-to-reach back locations without assistance. Because of the large areas to be covered and hard-to-reach pad positions, back patients at home often have difficulty complying with treatment instructions. RS Medical's RS-FBG solves this problem. It allows patients to correctly and easily place multiple stimulator pads by themselves.
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